Monitoring services

Today, keeping systems up and running is of paramount importance. IBM monitoring services are designed to do just that, while offering you an insider's view of your performance, including systems and equipment availability, capacity constraints, Web site performance and visitor traffic.

In an environment where downtime can negatively impact end-user satisfaction or lead to lost revenue, problems must be pinpointed accurately and swiftly. IBM Managed Hosting - monitoring services are designed to do just that, keeping your systems up and running without interruption. They offer you an insider's view of your performance, including systems and equipment availability, capacity constraints, Web site performance and visitor traffic. You gain Web portal access to performance results, and you can be alerted online when a problem is discovered. The monitoring services are designed to complement one another, providing a comprehensive picture of how your hosting infrastructure is performing, 24x7, and offering you the business intelligence to improve your Web site and influence visitor retention and loyalty.



Service detail

Service details

Basic monitoring services

IP ping monitoring

IBM ping monitoring includes the pinging of one IP address per device every five minutes to determine whether the device is up or down. If the device is on down-status for two successive attempts, IBM will send you an e-mail or text pager alert and log the event. You can review event logs via our Web portal service: IBM e-business Hosting™ Connection.

URL monitoring

URL monitoring verifies the availability of specified, addressable, standard HTTP and HTTPS URLs. The service polls all designated URLs every five minutes to determine whether a Web site is available. If the URL does not respond after two successive attempts, IBM will send you an e-mail or text pager alert and log the event. You can review event logs via our Web portal service.

Resource monitoring services

Process monitoring

Process monitoring offers a way to help you ensure that the actual processes integral to your e-business - Web services, databases, transaction processing and the like - are continually running. IBM monitors these processes at two-minute intervals using IBM Tivoli® Resource Manager and notifies you by e-mail within 15 minutes if a process is not available after three successive monitoring attempts. Incidents are posted in a log file accessible via the IBM Web portal.

Threshold monitoring

Threshold monitoring services are designed to monitor your servers every three to five minutes and send alerts on several key thresholds, including CPU, memory and hard disk space utilisation. IBM will send you an e-mail or text pager alert within 15 minutes if thresholds are exceeded. Exceptions are posted in a log file accessible via the IBM Web portal, and you can use the detailed log file information for trend analysis and capacity planning.

Enhanced monitoring and management services

Monitoring for managed servers

Monitoring for managed servers proactively monitors servers under IBM management using industry-leading IBM and BMC Patrol software. The service provides in-depth monitoring at the operating system and (optionally) application level to help ensure the availability, capacity and performance of business-critical systems and applications. It includes real-time performance analysis and diagnostics for the whole server environment. You can view real-time monitoring output and reports via the IBM Web portal or, optionally, via an interactive console view. The graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies monitoring, providing you with visual alerts when problems occur, and annotating and sorting incoming events. It also provides a consolidated view of multiple metrics across disparate applications and operating systems and allows your users to customise views.

Server monitoring

Server monitoring can be used in lieu of process and threshold monitoring to monitor server operating systems and applications. It supports a wider range of operating systems and offers greater BMC Patrol capability for clients who need it. Unlike IBM monitoring for managed servers, the server monitoring service is available for both IBM- and client-managed servers and includes the interactive console view that enables your users to monitor the server environment remotely from their desktop or laptop.

Keynote Perspective

You can order Keynote's industry-leading URL monitoring services from IBM and enjoy the convenience of a single point of contact and a single invoice for your hosting-related services. Keynote Perspective services are designed to provide a comprehensive view of Web performance and quality of service by analysing your Web site from a visitors' perspective. Data is collected in real time from multiple metropolitan locations and delivered automatically to you via e-mail and daily reports. Detailed graphical analysis and diagnostics are available right from a standard Web browser or the IBM Web portal, enabling your users to pinpoint and solve problems easily.

SurfAid Analytics

SurfAid™ Analytics (link resides outside of services from IBM employ advanced data mining and categorisation techniques to give you daily business intelligence that can help boost Web site popularity and retention. Using SurfAid, your Web managers can target desired audiences, analyse visitor segment behavior, understand visitor navigation, judge the effectiveness of promotions and applications, and build the foundation for strategic Web-related business decisions. SurfAid requires no hardware or software investment and is typically implemented in less than two weeks. Multiple SurfAid offerings allow you to choose the service that best fits your budget and business requirements.

Historical trending and predictive analysis services

Server resource management

Server resource management captures historical data and monitors utilisation trends for key server resources. Storing up to 36 months of data, the service enables you to examine server health over the long term, identify resource problems proactively and forecast future resource requirements. Its flexible and dynamic Web-based reporting capability, available via the IBM Web portal, summarises data in a wide range of formats and provides an enterprise-level view of performance across all major vendor platforms. An enhanced GUI, with features like hot-link navigation, saved queries and advanced report filtering, increases user productivity and facilitates the generation of custom reports.

Our hosting services are designed for on demand business

IBM e-business Hosting offers a flexible array of scalable services that grow with your business and enable you to respond dynamically to a rapidly changing marketplace. The services are modular so you can choose what you need, when you need it. As your business requirements change or accelerate, IBM will work with you to build a services solution that is capable of addressing them.

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