Managed support services

Reduce the complexity and cost of your multivendor hardware and software support and increase the consistency of your support services with a single point of contact

A single-point of accountability to simplify your multi-vendor relationshipsA single-point of accountability to simplify your multi-vendor relationships


IBM Managed Support Services provides a single point of contact and accountability and a simplified contract structure for multivendor hardware and software support.


When it comes to IT support, you need a provider you can rely on, which isn't always easy when you have multiple support contracts with differing service levels. Especially in complex situations, it can seem as if you alone are responsible for shouldering the burden of diagnosing problems and coordinating communication among vendors. Fortunately, there's a better option.

This service provides a single point of accountability, so you don't have to spend your time coordinating IT support services. With our long track record of managing complex, multivendor IT environments and creating innovative maintenance solutions, you can apply proven intellectual property and unique insight to resolve your specific challenges. IBM uses an integrated, automated service delivery model - proven to work with thousands of clients - that helps to reduce downtime by streamlining problem identification and resolution across your environment. It also enables IBM to watch for long-term opportunities to reduce outages in your environment - and to work closely with you to make improvements. Providing support for both IBM components under a simplified contract structure, we can help you meet service level expectations and can act as a trusted advisor to your IT organisation.

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