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Services Anywhere is designed for companies that want to gain the service advantages of a fully managed hosting operation without relocating to an e-business Hosting Center or other provider facility.

As Web operations expand, companies are invariably faced with the need to step up their hosting capabilities and IT resources to support it. More often than not, this means a move to a managed hosting provider's facility. However, it may not be possible to make the move for financial, logistical and other business reasons. With IBM Managed Hosting - Services Anywhere™, companies don't have to uproot their existing operation and move to a provider's facility to get the advanced services they need.



Service detail

Service details

The first managed hosting solution of its kind

Services Anywhere is the first managed hosting solution to offer you the performance benefits of a managed hosting environment in your own hosting facility. No matter where your current hosting operation resides - your premises or a third-party facility- you gain the service capabilities of a fully managed IBM hosting environment. Whether you have one server or hundred of servers, your hosting facility becomes a satellite IBM e-business Hosting™ Center capable of receiving the same array of performance, monitoring and other management services remotely. As an IBM e-business on demand™ offering, Services Anywhere makes it possible to acquire our standardised business processes and applications over the network as a service.

Services Anywhere is made possible through the deployment of a dedicated IBM cabinet infrastructure installed at your hosting facility or a link to the shared infrastructure at an IBM central management site. You choose the solution that best fits your budgetary and business requirements. The IBM cabinet infrastructure functions the same regardless of the solution you choose, enabling IBM management services to be delivered directly to your hosting facility from our central management site.

Key features

Services Anywhere offers a number of advantages over other managed hosting solutions:

Our modular approach is unique in the industry

IBM e-business Hosting offers a flexible array of services that can grow with your business. Whatever your needs, IBM will work with you to create a cost-effective e-business solution.

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