Managed Hosting for Midsize Companies

Learn how our Midsize company hosting solutions are flexibly designed using simplified, bundled packages with predictable pricing.

IBM managed hosting offers solutions specifically designed for Midsize companies looking for flexible hosting options with predictable pricing. Our packages range from entry level Web server support to more complex data server environments - with prices starting from $2,200 per month*.

Comprehensive solutions at an affordable price

We provide a complete, end-to-end set of hosting solutions that work easily together. The packages are simplified and you don't need to worry about ordering additional functions when you are ready to upgrade - it's all there because the features are already embedded in the infrastructure.

Full redundancy - no additional charge

IBM's use of virtualisation technologies and techniques at the infrastructure level are comprehensive, redundant and resilient.?Unlike other hosting providers that only offer server virtualisation, we also offer load balancing, switching, SAN fabric and firewall - every thing you need to have in a fully redundant Web hosting infrastructure. All at no additional cost to you.

All inclusive service level agreements

These solutions?also feature end-to-end service level agreements - we do not vary or distinguish our agreements at the component level.

Industry leading governance framework utilising IBM expertise

Hosting solutions are based on, and include, IBM best practices for problem management, change management, alert management, threshold management and transaction monitoring processes. The framework is designed by IBM and takes advantage of the most current software and hardware tools to integrate monitoring of availability, alerts and warnings, and utilisation.



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Service details

*Prices are current as of 3/16/2007, exclude applicable taxes, and are subject to change by IBM without notice. Suggested retail price, dealer prices may vary.

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