Managed continuity

Ensure continuous business operations and processes continue when there is a compromise to the IT environment by IT-ready, hardened dedicated data center space/power for primary/secondary/tertiary data centers for purposes of client backup (client owned equipment).

For clients in highly regulated industries who need secure data center space in proximity to their primary operations or at a distance, IBM managed continuity services provide resilient, dedicated data center space, onsite services and operational support to help clients achieve continuous operations. Our strategically located sites offer cost-efficient power and cooling and a security-rich environment that meets Tier III or better Uptime Institute requirements at most sites supporting this service.

Managed continuity enables clients to expense facility and service costs as predictable and ongoing operational costs, so they don’t incur large up-front capital expenses. By providing ongoing operational support, managed continuity can also help clients reduce operating expenses.

Using client-owned IT, IBM managed continuity services provide, unlike many competitor offerings, a full range of resiliency infrastructure services in end-to-end integrated continuity solutions.

IBM managed continuity helps clients achieve business continuity by provisioning and managing a dedicated resiliency center.



Service detail

Service details

Key Benefits:

IBM Advantage

IBM Managed Resiliency Services ensures managed business continuity at the desired level for your business.

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