The plug and play Hair Fall Solution.The plug and play Hair Fall Solution.

Introducing,IBM Integrated Server Room.Introducing,IBM Integrated Server Room.

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The perfect cure for all your server room worries

Save yourself a lot of stress with the Integrated Server Room from IBM. This new concept in server rooms offers you the convenience of a complete data centre infrastructure which is deployed faster, along with what’s most important, peace of mind. It is the perfect solution-in-a-box to fulfill every need. So your server room performance always looks good. Just like your hairline. In short, it's zero hassle. But has infinite advantages.

Why go in for a better server room?

As organisations grow and add computing power to their IT backbone, there comes a time when the number of servers go beyond just a couple. As new blades are procured, so are new racks to house the servers. With rising investment on hardware, it becomes imperative that organisations think about providing for environments that enable servers to be highly available and to perform reliable and efficient operations, while ensuring the longevity of the hardware. A server room can be the right solution to ensure the well-being of high-end server hardware. Benefits of a server room facility include:

Integrated Server Room (ISR) got awarded/rated as the "Most Innovative Energy Saving Product" by Confederation Of Indian Industry-CII during their Annual event - 14th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2013.

Catering to every server room need

The IBM Integrated Server Room. A high-quality solution, specifically designed for deploying 2/4/6 IT racks. It is a pre-designed and pre-fabricated solution that has features which are commonly found in high-end data centers, and are ready to be shipped to, assembled and integrated at customer premises.

This is achieved through the use of standardised server room design elements and no dependence on raised flooring. IBM helps you determine your server room requirements, works with you to configure the data centre from the available ISR designs, and provides complete installation and testing services. IBM is the single point of contact and manages the project from beginning to end, providing a robust 'turn-key server room'. This helps clients remain focused on their core business and reduces the need to reassign critical staff members to a project for which they may have limited experience.

IBM Integrated Server Room uses up to 50% less floor space and can be deployed in 1/4th of time as compared to traditional server room design & build methods. This approach mitigates risk associated with extensive engineering required for custom installations.

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The IBM Integrated Server Room (ISR) is a pre-designed and pre-fabricated server room

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