Integrated Managed Services Value Plus

Integrated Managed Services Value Plus

Service detail

Service details

Integrated Managed Service Value Plus

Indian businesses are expanding at a rapid pace and therefore need robust and effective enterprise service management tools that allow them to function seamlessly. Considering this scenario, IBM has setup a dedicated Integrated Management Centre to cater to the needs of Indian businesses and their demand for IT service management. This state of the art infrastructure management center leverages some of the most advanced and innovative tools and experienced support staff to provide unique business visibility with events collection and correlation across the service management lifecycle.

This dedicated datacenter is almost completely automated and therefore brings down the risk of error to almost zero. The datacenter uses dedicated and leased internet lines, VPN (Virtual private Network) or ISDN to connect to the client’s network.

Enterprise service management tools must allow organizations a degree of flexibility. IBM's Integrated Managed Services provided from centre would allow visibility, control and automation of IT tasks allowing companies to focus on their core businesses rather than worrying about operational IT support issues.

Business Service Capabilities of Integrated Managed Services

Business Service Management - A business centered approach which ensures that focus is on key business objectives and not IT. Real time dashboards employed provide comprehensive analysis of IT performance and various dependencies and other associated critical business processes.

Business Impact Management – Leading edge tools designed to monitor IT infrastructure and link IT activities to respective business process performance targets. Real time dashboards help monitor and display the results and impact of such IT service management tools.

Business Quality Management – Specially designed tools that allow continuous and comprehensive monitoring of IT infrastructure and various IT management processes. These enterprise service management tools can be linked directly to delivering identified business quality reports and displaying results in real time dashboard business quality reports.

Integrated Service Management – Manage IT infrastructure and IT Management processes and performance across multiple IT service providers giving end-to-end dashboard views of real time performance and reporting capabilities which support service provider management.

Business Service Level Management – A set of capabilities that have been designed to monitor the IT infrastructure and (potentially) external business process performance datasets so as to enable the IT activities and performance to be linked to the achievement of defined business service levels (e.g., date/time for payroll completion, business hours lost, value of invoices in process queue) and monitoring and displaying the results in real time dashboards.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) management is a defined level of service (in this context IT service) which is documented in a properly formatted service contract. For each service in such a contract, service level parameters are specified which a service provider (internal or external) is obliged to meet in the delivery of that service to the client.

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