Infrastructure recovery services

Minimize the impact of unforeseen events—from the minor to the catastrophic-with the goal of responding more effectively to disruptions and minimizing the costs and time associated with recovery

Is your organization prepared for a disaster?

Disasters can strike any organization today and Indian organizations too are not shielded from them. In fact, heightened exposure to disruptive and catastrophic events in the recent years coupled with increasing government and commercial interdependencies make it imperative for businesses to have a robust disaster recovery system in place. IBMs leading edge disaster recovery solutions can help prepare your business for any such eventuality and respond and recover from any such situation swiftly without any substantial impact on important business processes and your brand’s reputation.

Putting a Disaster Recovery System in Place

Most Indian businesses today do not have a disaster recovery mechanism in place. Setting up a disaster recovery team in place would mean a deviation from core business objectives. Planning for disaster recovery requires resources with global exposure and industry specific expertise. For most businesses setting up an in-house disaster recovery service team is not feasible.

IBM Services

IBM’s disaster recovery services help you recover infrastructure, keep your critical employees and resources online, prevent disruption in communications across your organization, preserve business operations and ultimately brand image.



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