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Implement a flexible and cost-efficient, cloud-based development and testing environment

Setup of your development and testing environment often encompasses multiple, diverse IT assets and requires significant staff and budget to support ongoing configuration and management. This complexity can result in long development and testing cycles that delay your product launches. IBM Smart Business Development and Test Cloud helps you assess, plan, design and implement a flexible development and testing private cloud environment to help save capital and operating costs as well as reduce test cycle times, complexity and risks. A self-service test platform, which is designed for ease of use, combines service request management, automated provisioning and configuration management, providing you with on-demand provisioning of physical and virtualized test resources-including IBM and non-IBM components such as operating systems, middleware, storage, network, images and data. This helps you reduce capital expenses while gaining a dynamically scalable development and testing environment to meet changing business needs.



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Service details

Smart ways to save money

Design and implement a flexible development and testing private cloud environment which gives you the capability to rapidly and repeatedly provision physical and virtualized development and testing resources . Reduce your capital expenses with more efficient utilization of your IT resource, reduce your test cycle times, and achieve savings of up to 50 percent, with typical payback within 12 months. Want to know more? Chat with us now (US) or learn about additional services that can help you save (US).

In these times of shrinking IT budgets, your development and testing environment presents a unique opportunity to cut costs without impacting your mission-critical production applications. Creating and maintaining a development and testing environment is complex, yet critical to offering innovative solutions and meeting changing market demands. Driven by numerous heterogeneous IT assets, traditional development and testing requires many manual steps and processes to configure and set up an infrastructure that mirrors your production environment, as well as significant resource coordination and synchronization. Configuration errors and inefficient resource utilization can be problematic. And, spikes in workload can result in additional capital investments.

IBM Smart Business Development and Test Cloud helps you evaluate, plan, design and implement a dynamically scalable, virtualized development and testing private cloud environment. A cloud model enables your users to access IT resources for development or testing in ways not previously available. Unlike traditional methods, this model can dramatically reduce the many manual steps and processes required to set up a production-like development and testing environment. With on-demand provisioning of virtual and physical resources, we can help you reduce capital investments while offering the elastic scalability to handle fluctuating business needs. Automated provisioning and configuration helps you meet challenging development and testing cycle times, reduce IT labor costs and configuration errors, streamline the environment and improve solution quality. And by facilitating a quicker return on investment, our private development and testing cloud environment can offer an excellent opportunity to start transitioning your enterprise IT to a flexible new sourcing model based on cloud computing, without placing your mission-critical applications at risk.

To help you launch your cloud services, IBM provides different options for delivery and management. Our experts can help leverage your existing IT assets and create the foundation for a cloud-based development and test environment. Or we can help you leverage the IBM CloudBurst-hardware and software-implemented with our QuickStart service to enable a base cloud delivery platform quickly. Once the development and testing cloud environment is designed and implemented, you can operate it yourself or have IBM operate it. IBM can also comprehensively deliver and manage the cloud services from an IBM facility.

IBM Smart Business Development and Test Cloud is designed to help:

¹ Based on results from IBM's Technology Adoption Program, in which an internal "Collaboration Innovation" cloud was developed using IBM technology. The solution has more than 100,000 participants. Results vary depending on the customer's existing environment. Final results can only be ascertained after a return on investment analysis.

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