Human resources (HR) outsourcing

Enable HR as a strategic talent partner through IBM's integrated processes and technology solutions, featuring strong governance and actionable analytics

In an on demand enterprise, human resources can be more efficient. All employees can have effective training delivered to them when they need it, and they can receive immediate service through the lowest-cost channels that meet their needs.




Service detail

Service details

Having an on demand environment means that multiple vendors are integrated transparently, providing the most cost-effective solution, and all of the online resources an employee needs are available through one consistent interface. Human resources (HR) applications can be added or updated as needed through a flexible, low-cost architecture.

Business transformation outsourcing (BTO) services can make HR on demand happen for you by implementing solutions that unlock business value and helping you develop the attributes of an on demand business:

Our BTO services comprise a full range of outsourced HR services, including:

HR transformation:

HR analytics:

HR applications and infrastructure:

HR specialty services:

The potential benefits of outsourcing your HR functions to our BTO services include savings from utility-like HR costs, more dynamic and responsive systems, and the risk reduction that comes with technical and process improvements. We have partnerships with leading specialized providers and a truly global understanding of HR and its legal requirements, all of which facilitate a smooth transition to an outsourced solution.

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