Healthcare and Life Sciences Grid Medical Archive Solution

Rely on IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences Grid Medical Archive Solution to enable the sharing, access and archiving of healthcare and pharmaceutical images and reference data across any application, storage tier or facility.

Designed to provide safe, long-term storage of medical images, research data and other reference data, such as computerised tomography (CT) scans, positron-emission tomography (PET) scans and medical documents, IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences Grid Medical Archive Solution allows healthcare providers and research institutions to establish an open, multiapplication, multitier enterprise storage system across a single campus, an integrated delivery network, or an entire geographic region or regional health organisation.



Service detail

Service details

Optimise access and storage of medical images and other healthcare data across multiple sites or within a single facility

As the volume of digital images and reference data in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries continues to explode, the need for storage is exploding right along with it. In fact, the demand for storage of fixed content-defined as healthcare or research data that has to be accessed frequently, is retained for long periods of time and cannot be changed-is growing exponentially.

The Grid Medical Archive Solution is a grid-powered ILM storage solution specifically designed to address this growth. Its advanced content addressable storage and hierarchical storage management functions help ensure the most optimal use, while its real-time failover capabilities make any planned or unplanned downtime transparent to users and their applications. Through the use of advanced virtualisation and encryption technologies, Grid Medical Archive Solution can help ensure that critical patient and research data remains protected regardless of its age, location, application source or storage tier. And with Grid Medical Archive Solution's centralised administration and automation functions, even large, complex, distributed archives can be managed with a fraction of the effort required today.

Grid Medical Archive Solution is sold in preconfigured, prepackaged hardware, software and services bundles designed to reduce implementation time and get your archive up and running quickly. By deploying Grid Medical Archive Solution, organisations can:

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