Email management express

Providing a broad range of email management service options to help ensure business continuity.

IBM Information Protection Services—data retention and archival—email management express provides the flexibility to choose from a broad range of advanced capabilities including email continuity and recovery, email wireless continuity and email archiving. You can take advantage of proven, cost-effective service options that can help you maintain employee productivity during a disruption—whether using email onsite or through wireless devices such as the BlackBerry handheld—as well as help you manage, store and retrieve vital historical email. By choosing email management from IBM, you gain the freedom to determine which services and options fit your unique needs, environment and budget.



Service detail

Service details

Unplanned email outages happen. But what was once considered a relatively minor inconvenience can now seriously damage your organization's overall productivity and profitability, not to mention its reputation. That's why it's imperative to ensure ongoing email availability for all users at all times-regardless of technical failures, outages and disasters. Email continuity can also allow you to stay connected to your customers, partners and prospects and accelerate your response to challenges and opportunities.

With email management express from IBM, you can choose from a newly expanded portfolio including email continuity, and email archiving both with special features and options that can be combined to help support your diverse email management needs. Hosted by IBM, our services are built on years of experience, technical expertise and proven technology to help provide you with a comprehensive solution that can be as sophisticated and reliable as it is cost-effective. Plus, IBM can support both IBM® Lotus® Notes® and Microsoft® Exchange software running on a variety of operating systems and in a wide range of IT environments.

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