Digital Video Surveillance

IBM Digital Video Surveillance provides an integrated video surveillance and security solution that helps organisations view, monitor and digitally record activity while archiving video over an IP network, allowing digital streaming and enabling real-time access.

IBM Physical Security Services - IBM Digital Video Surveillance provides an integrated video surveillance and security solution that can enable you to view, monitor and digitally record activity from throughout your environment. The solution is designed to allow digital streaming and provide you with real-time access to your critical security information. IBM believes that your organisation can benefit from this end-to-end, cost-effective video surveillance and security solution.



Service detail

Service details

Depending on your needs, IBM can perform an initial security threat and vulnerability assessment, assist you in designing your Digital Video Surveillance solution, integrate the solution with your existing IT infrastructure, help you procure the necessary hardware and software, and provide solution support and long-term maintenance. IBM Digital Video Surveillance requires no tapes and can feature higher image quality than analog - reducing exposure from video degradation and misplaced tapes, and enhancing content availability. By making the transition to digital video, you can reduce maintenance and labor costs by automating the day-to-day capture, indexing and storage of video content, and can enable uninterrupted and automatic storage of video surveillance to disk. Because digital video is networked and accessible from virtually anywhere at any time, you can more effectively manage and monitor remote sites.

By integrating IBM Digital Video Surveillance into your corporate IT network and infrastructure, you can provide real-time access to critical security information to the people who need it. Innovative tools and analytics can provide automated real-time alerts and the ability to rapidly query captured video metadata for post-event analysis. By using a service-oriented architecture (SOA), IBM enables disparate applications to share data, which simplifies the integration process. This allows employees, regardless of location, to view and share live and archived video from virtually any site - improving collaboration and communication and helping to mitigate security risks.

Based on open standards, IBM Digital Video Surveillance helps you protect your investment in cameras, networks, processors, storage and other security systems. IBM Digital Video Surveillance is a scalable solution, providing you with flexibility to leverage a wide variety of add-on components. From wireless devices to advanced image processing devices, IBM's standards-based architecture allows you to pursue new, digital-based technologies as your security requirements evolve. IBM has global alliances with leading security solution vendors, so you can choose from a world-class portfolio of products. By teaming with leading digital video surveillance vendors and integrating their hardware and software products into IBM solutions, IBM can help you save valuable time by avoiding the need to continuously review, test and evaluate new products. So you can focus on your security and your core business.

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