Digital media commerce service

IBM digital media commerce service lets you leverage the powerful digital content management capabilities of IBM WebSphere Digital Media Enabler as an IBM e-business Hosting service.

Create a Web storefront built on proven WebSphere technology. IBM digital media commerce service lets you leverage the powerful digital content management capabilities of IBM WebSphere® Digital Media Enabler as an IBM e-business Hosting™ service. This solution is designed to provide an out-of-the-box storefront requiring nominal look and feel customisation, so you can quickly start selling your digital assets to consumers or distribute them to business partners. WebSphere Digital Media Enabler provides the tools you need to store, search, view, manage, sell and download digital assets. Plus, it easily provides links to your preferred payment and fulfillment processes.



Service detail

Service details

Increase revenues through sales of digital assets

The volume of digital assets - video, audio, photography, illustration, animation, product images, advertising, logos and the like - is exploding dramatically. Companies are creating new assets to support customer demands for media-rich communications, plus digitizing analog assets to help assure their preservation. Increasingly, companies are realizing that these digital assets have value and can be leveraged, reused and even sold.

The challenge is not only finding more cost-effective ways of managing this growing repository of assets, but also generating more revenue by selling and distributing digital assets over the Internet, rather than traditional fulfillment methods.

Digital media management with WebSphere Digital Media Enabler is designed for:

Enhance online sales through a security-rich, hassle-free hosting environment

When you acquire the WebSphere Digital Media Enabler technology as an IBM hosted service, you can tap into most of its powerful business functions without the costs and concerns associated with in-house operations of a digital asset storefront. In short, you can generate more revenue with less investment. This business process utility service can help you:

Storefront capabilities

End-user registration

Subscription manager

Media folders


Flexible payments

Usage calculator


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