Data center operational
efficiency best practices


What would you do with 50% more of your IT budget to allocate to new projects?

The IBM Data Center Study found that only 21% of data centers are highly efficient.

The study evaluated efficiency in servers, storage, networking, facility and data center operations to determine the best practices of the most efficient data centers.

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Insights from data center study

Margaret Dings

Margaret Dings, Vice President, Services Industry Consulting Group, IDC

Steve Sams

Steve Sams, Vice President, Site and Facility Services, IBM

Jeanette Horan

Jeanette Horan, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, IBM

Nancy Galietti

Nancy Galietti, Vice President of Information Technology, National Football League

Steve Sams. Vice President IBM Global Site and Facilities Services
IBM Data Center Study  Data Center Operational Efficiency Self-Assessment  Take the five minute self-assessment to identify areas where you can improve operational efficiency across your data center infrastructure.  The IBM Data Center Study found that highly efficient data centers allocate 50% more of  their IT budget to new projects.  Yet only 21% of companies surveyed are operating at this highly efficient level.  You'll get to compare your results to over 300 study participants from a worldwide and regional perspective,  plus receive recommendations on areas for improvement.
Best practices in public sector data center efficiency. Only one in five sector data centers is operating at a "strategic" or highest level of efficiency. Companies that operate at this level spend almost 8 percent less of their IT resources to maintain their existing infrastructure.

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