Converged Communications Services - video communications - telepresence

Deliver immediacy of communications for your enterprise with support from IBM for strategy, planning, assessment, architecture and design, implementation, and network upgrades required to implement telepresence, including integration with Internet Protocol(IP)telephony and calendaring applications

Telepresence solutions are designed to provide real-time, lifelike, high-definition video communications between multiple locations-helping individuals and groups to communicate effectively in real time without costly and fatiguing travel and lost productivity. Telepresence enhances team productivity and collaboration across locations and can speed time to market for products and services.



Global implementation services from IBM include:

Service detail

Service details

Converged communications services - video communications - telepresence: Spec sheet

The global integration capabilities of IBM Converged Communications Services are essential to realizing the potential of telepresence solutions. They include room readiness and network readiness assessments, solution planning, architecture and design, deployment, and relationships with telecommunications providers to deliver a comprehensive, highly reliable solution.

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