Cloud-based vulnerability management and PCI scan service

Streamline security vulnerability management and manage compliance

Continuous vulnerability assessment of your IT assets, including web applications and databases, is essential to effectively securing your infrastructure and avoiding policy violations. You need a simple, cost-effective way to limit potential threats.

IBM Managed Security Services (Cloud Computing) - hosted vulnerability management provides cloud-based internal and external infrastructure scanning through a single portal, helps you more easily manage compliance requirements and specifies steps you can take to remediate vulnerabilities.



Service detail

Service details

How confident are you in your organization's ability to demonstrate compliance with strict infrastructure security mandates? Do you find it nearly impossible to scan your entire IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities to multiple threats that crop up daily? Even for organizations that are able to collect a list of all areas that could expose their data, it can be costly and time-consuming to ensure that none of these vulnerabilities becomes a security violation.

IBM Managed Security Services (Cloud Computing) - hosted vulnerability management can detect vulnerabilities across network devices, servers, web applications and databases to help you reduce risk and better manage compliance requirements. Our service leverages advanced scanning capabilities to detect and prioritize hidden risks on your public-facing and internal network infrastructure. Simplified workflow automation and unique reporting capabilities help speed vulnerability identification and remediation. And because our solution is cloud-based, you can save on licensing fees and security operations maintenance costs.

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