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Planning, developing, and implementing an enterprise-wide IT recovery plan is never easy; it requires in-depth knowledge, expertise, and resources. IBM IT recovery services provides a set of comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to help you quickly respond and resume operations following a disaster or business disruption. In addition to supporting multiple IT platforms and a host of IT-related infrastructure components, our flexible IT recovery solutions can help you better manage regulatory compliance requirements. With IBM IT recovery services, you can meet recovery time and recovery point objectives and gain peace of mind.



Finding the right IT recovery services to meet the needs of your business can be challenging, but at IBM we make it easy. We offer a comprehensive range of IT recovery services designed to meet your specific IT and business needs. With extensive experience across all industries, IBM IT recovery services can:


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Forrester Research examines the risks of DIY disaster recovery.



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What will your next IT failure cost your company? IBM and Ponemon Institute detail what business continuity and IT security really mean to your organization.


Avoiding the pitfalls of outdated disaster recovery plans. IBM has identified seven outdated assumptions on which many organizations base their disaster recovery plans.


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