IBM data center experts will conduct a complimentary half-day walk through and visual observation of your data center.

This walk-through service provides a review of your data center facility and critical physical infrastructure components - including:

  • Power systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Rack configurations
  • Cloud requirements
  • Summary of findings and recommendations report

If you are looking to maximize the reliability and efficiency of your data center, here's a fast and easy way to get started. Our complimentary walk-through of your data center can help you to quickly determine how you can improve space utilization and energy efficiency and gain valuable information on your data center to improve reliability.

See if you qualify for this complimentary offer and start on your path to a more efficient and reliable data center.

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Or call us at: 1800 425 3303

Or call us at: 1800 425 3303

Or call us at: 1800 425 3303


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