Business impact analysis

Pinpoint the critical business processes and recovery time
requirements needed to survive a major disruption

How would your business be impacted if systems were offline for an hour? A day? A week? In order to successfully recover from an unexpected outage, you must have a clear understanding of which processes and assets are most critical to the business. Performing a business impact analysis to pinpoint the systems that most affect your customers, your productivity, and ultimately your revenue is an essential component of any business continuity strategy.

IBM business impact analysis is an in-depth study that defines your critical business processes and the resources needed to support them. Our experienced consultants perform a business impact analysis to help you identify the processes and assets that require the highest levels of protection and set recovery time requirements so you can better prioritize your recovery strategy and investments.

Business impact analysis features

IBM consultants are skilled at discovering key linkages between business priorities and IT policies and plans.  Our experts have the extensive experience and methodologies needed to perform detailed inventories of your vital assets and processes. IBM’s business impact analysis can:

  • Prioritize critical systems

    Identify which business processes and assets should be recovered first

  • Highlight interdependencies

    Map connections to understand how an outage of one system can affect others

  • Recommend recovery options

    Determine primary and alternative strategies for getting up and running

  • Detail recovery requirements

    Help you understand estimated recovery times and processes

  • Assess risk

    Examine the financial, productivity, and personal impact of a business disruption

  • Build a business case

    Provide financial data to help you justify business continuity investment

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Why IBM?

IBM takes a comprehensive approach to business continuity and resilience. Our strategic services help you determine how best to structure your organization, human resources, business processes, applications, data, technologies, and facilities. With more than 50 years of experience helping businesses improve their resilience, IBM is a leader in addressing business-, data- and event-driven risks. By providing a comprehensive analysis of the impact of an outage on your business, our service enables you to develop the right resilience strategy for your organization based on a thorough understanding of your unique availability and recovery requirements.

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