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Making it easy to sell or recycle unwanted computers.

From the largest worldwide enterprise to the smallest home office business, the problem is essentially the same: You need to upgrade your IT platform to be competitive, but you've got equipment on hand that has to be disposed of. You want the assurance that the data stored on that hard drive is protected and the equipment disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. And, if the system has marketable value, you receive a competitive buyback value for those unwanted assets!

That's where IBM Asset Recovery Solutions comes in. With an established, worldwide remarketing network for reselling IT equipment with residual value, and an efficient disposal infrastructure, IBM offers you a simple and economical solution to the problem of unwanted IT equipment.

IBM Asset Recovery Solutions provides IT equipment end-of-life services that help minimise regulatory exposures, maximise value, and simplify disposal of surplus and obsolete IT assets. This comprehensive suite of highly competitive solutions helps reduce the risks and burdens associated with managing assets out of your organisation, by providing a mechanism for simply -- and in many cases, profitably -- selling or disposing of obsolete or excess IT equipment.



Service detail

Service details

By leveraging IBM's secondary market channels, you can get maximum financial return on your used equipment. IBM Global Financing will test assets with resale value to verify functionality and confirm specifications for each system, enhancing market value at the time of sale. For your convenience, IBM offers an optional disk overwrite service that sanitizes disk drives to United States Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M 3-pass standards, rendering the data virtually irretrievable.

Product without value will be dismantled and scrapped utilising processes which are designed to dispose of your assets in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations. A report is provided verifying that the overwrite process has been performed for your hard drives.

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