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    Reinventing the customer relationship – a two-part series: (US)

    Social CRM – the integration of social media with customer relationship management (CRM) strategies – is the next frontier for organizations that want to optimize the power of social interactions to get closer to customers. But in an environment defined by customer control and two-way dialog, are customers interested in engaging with businesses? To find out, the IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed more than 1,000 consumers worldwide and interviewed 350 executives.

  • Customer analytics pay off: Driving top-line growth by bringing science to the art of marketing. (US)

    Businesses today have a plethora of customer data available from an increasing number of sources. While most organizations certainly appreciate the potential benefits such data can reap, many face difficulties effectively turning information into actionable insights. However, an effective customer analytics strategy can help drive top-line growth, avoid unnecessary costs and increase customer satisfaction. To help organizations in their pursuit for deeper customer insight, we have identified four stages of organizational capabilities and associated customer analytics strategies.

  • CMO digital

    Digital transformation: Creating new business models where digital meets physical (US)

    Businesses today are undertaking digital transformations, rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation. The challenge for business is how fast and how far to go. In our analysis of leading companies and our work with clients, we have found that companies with a cohesive strategy for integrating digital and physical elements can successfully transform their business models – and set new directions for entire industries.

  • CMO Meet

    Meeting the demands of the smarter consumer (US)

    Today's consumers are more enlightened and empowered than ever. And they are placing ever-greater demands on their retailers to either "get it right" or lose their business. Driving consumer behavior today – at least in large part – are new technologies that allow them access to huge amounts of information about retailers and their offerings. Consumers will expect anytime access to the information, products and services they want. And those retailers that deliver what they demand will thrive.