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Insights from the IBM Global Chief Information Officer Study

Over time, the CIO is less about technology and more about strategy. Business is more and more reliant on our data for decision making. IT is now seen as a key enabler to business goals and mission. Because our company is at a fast-growing stage, we are more focused on the business. Because our company is at a fast-growing stage, we are more focused on the business. The CIO is totally convinced of the importance of IT's role.

The IBM Global CIO Study

How are today's chief information officers successfully growing profits for their businesses? The 2009 IBM Global CIO Study explored this and other issues facing CIOs during challenging times. We talked with more than 2,500 CIOs from over 75 countries and 15 industries. Over the course of our one-hour, face-to-face conversations with them, we learned how they are:

In the IBM Global CIO Study, The New Voice of the CIO, you'll hear from the voices of the global CIO population on how they're delivering leadership.

The New Voice of the CIO is available in four formats:

Learn more through these in-depth supporting assets:

Watch respected CIOs from around the globe share their lessons learned as they relate to the global CIO study results.

Read industry perspectives on the global CIO study's insights.

Listen to discussions of the study's findings during this virtual event with IBM in conjunction with CIO Magazine, plus CIOs from some of the world's leading companies.

Take the CIO study questionnaire yourself and see how your results compare to those of the global CIO study.

IBM releases Global CIO Study and key findings

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