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IBM Agile experience

Organizations are elevating their business to meet client and market expectations by creating truly unique experiences. The IBM experience showcases our clients’ successes leveraging IBM Agile services and tools.

IBM Agility and offerings

IBM defines agility as the ability for an organization to rapidly, efficiently and structurally adapt to changing business environments both internal and external markets. Today’s agile companies can respond to market impacts in a timely and profitable way.

Education: The Agile Academy

As Agile is scaled across the organization, it is critical to ensure a consistent understanding and adoption of Agile values, principles and practices. IBM’s Agile Academy streamlines training into distinct career paths and educational goals that take individuals in the direction that plays to their strengths.

Our thinking & POVs

Our experience gives us the ability to provide thoughtful insights on traditional and emerging business problems faced by today’s companies.

We created points of view POVs on how to solution, sell and deliver Agile and how we are uniquely positioned to lead in the market. These POVs are the result of intense research, analysis and implementation from Agile thought leaders.

Build Agile in organizations

IBM is helping organizations to build Agile capabilities and integrate Agile concepts, frameworks and learnings into people, processes and operations.

Our experience provides us a robust knowledge base to consult with our clients surrounding Agile strategy, integration into an overall target operation model, scaling and cultural impacts of an Agile business.

IBM Agile transformation and acceleration

We have been transforming ourselves from the inside out through radical collaboration, redefining what our business model looks like and how our people adapt to become more agile.

We have taken the experience of thousands of IBMers to provide a comprehensive playbook on business transformation and acceleration to agility.

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