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A Munster based medical technology company have recently launched an IT optimisation initiative at a Corporate level, with the direction of ultimately using hosted data centres. The client approached IBM to assist with an assessment of the options for consolidating their three data centres in Ireland. They were working to an aggressive timeline to produce a report and present it to their corporate management;

Over a period of four days, the IBM infrastructure expert developed a strategy, discussed it with the local client team on site in Munster, and then presented it to the client’s corporate management;as a direct result, IBM has now been asked to produce a proposal for Server Consolidation for the Irish locations - the first phase in the client’s new strategy.

A public organisation have been using IBM resources to support their Mainframe environment for over ten years. Initially IBM were providing additional resources to supplement the client's own team who support two separate mainframe operating systems (VM/VSE and OS/390). IBM eventually became the sole support as the client's own technical staff moved on and were not replaced. This has cost benefits to the client and removes the need for them to worry about maintaining these specialist IT skills as well as removing worries such as holiday and sick leave cover.

A national financial institution needed a solution provider that could help it relocate the data centres to new Tier III+ facilities without incurring operational downtime and within the allotted timeframe and budget. The bank wanted to retain control of the project so used IBM resources to assist developing a business case for the project to assess technical and financial impacts, help create the technical design of the data centres, and help establish plans for the transition of both data centres, including selecting the properties.

After the business case was approved, IBM helped the bank team transition both data centres from their old sites to new sites without major disruptions to operations. Finally, the IBM team assisted the client in executing a new disaster recovery plan to prove the resiliency of the data centres. The bank moved over 600 servers, storage and related devices to a new datacentre. IBM led the team of over 100 people (10 full time IBMers) to plan and execute the move. This was a 2 year project which ran seamlessly with high customer satisfaction as a result.