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An investment bank consolidated IT infrastructure from four locations to one. IBM provided network installation services with telephony set up for a move of people to new premises in Dublin city centre. The new environment was configured and tested at an IBM location before shipping to the customer location and installed. IBM seamlessly added all the hardware to the customer's existing Global network. The solution was configured to ensure that it was scalable so that it can be extended to the customer's other sites in Ireland. The client commented on the IBM teams' knowledge, professionalism and the way IBM worked with the client in a consultative manner to assist in defining their telephony and Network standards.

IBM also successfully supported a series of server moves from the customer's existing Data Centre in Dublin to their new premises and to other data centre locations. IBM worked closely with the customer's team on the planning, the changes needed to enable the server moves to take place and then supporting the moves. The team have installed a new network infrastructure in the customer’s existing premises in Kilkenny and integrated this over a series of implementation weekends without any impact to the customer's business. The team defined the configuration and testing of the new hardware, planning and implementing the integrations. The customer was very impressed with the level of planning for the complex work that took place and the seemingly effortless implementation.

Contact: Niamh Normoyle

A transaction processing company chose IBM to introduce a new scalable and non-disruptive IT infrastructure to help grow its transaction processing requirements over the coming years. This on-demand infrastructure solution reduces the burden on IT resources providing better service levels, reinforced security controls and a cost structure where the client pays only for increased growth in demand. The infrastructure has been designed (around p series servers) so that the client can increase their transaction throughput by a factor of at least 2, without having to invest in additional server hardware.

This multi-faceted IBM solution involving IBM Global Technology Services, IBM System p5 595 and IBM System x servers integrated with IBM System SAN Storage provides the following solution benefits to the client:

Contact: David Carvill
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