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Transformation Introduction

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To succeed in today's environment, businesses need to lead through increased complexity and volatility, drive operational excellence and enable collaboration across enterprise functions, develop higher quality leadership and talent, and manage amidst constant change.

IBM Strategy and Transformation (S&T) integrates IBM's management consulting capabilities to enable client success through executable strategies, and deliver value through technology-enabled transformation. Achieve end-to-end transformation, from strategy to implementation, and gain efficiency in cross-functional collaboration.

Smarter Commerce

Smarter Commerce In business, this has always been true. But now a new breed of customer is dictating a new set of terms in the dynamic between buyers and sellers. Customers approach a sale empowered by technology and transparency, with more extensive information from more sources than ever before. They expect to engage with companies when and how they want, in person, online and on the go. And they want these methods to tie together seamlessly.

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    The smarter commerce opportunity
    Smarter commerce (PDF, 816KB) recognizes that the sale is just one aspect of the experience. As with traditional commerce, the customer is at the center of all operations. Smarter commerce turns customer insight into action, enabling new business processes that help companies buy, market, sell and service their products and services.

Technology Strategy

Integrating business insight with technological possibilities is essential to innovation. As time goes on, more and more organizations amend their view of technology and “IT” and acknowledge the strategic impact that technology has on all areas of the business. But the impact of technological change is expanding at an unprecedented pace. Technology strategy is a primary driver of the physical to digital transformation; the analytics that capture customer insights and drive product and brand extensions; and the envisioning of cloud-enabled business models that open the door to new revenue streams.

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    IBM technology strategy consulting services help leading organizations create value and achieve competitive advantage through the optimized alignment of technology and business strategy. Some of our services include:

Operations and Supply Chain Strategy

Business leaders understand the importance of high performing, highly efficient and responsive supply chains in meeting market demands, creating efficiency and profit margins, and driving sustainable competitive advantage. From managing suppliers and procurement processes through the planning, manufacturing and inventory functions, business leaders are acutely focused on making their operations more responsive and efficient. This includes improving responsiveness to customers, reducing energy and other resource use, optimizing core processes, applying technology to automate processes, reducing cycle time/complexity, increasing return on capital employed and integrating functional business processes. In addition, new imperatives, including emerging markets, sustainability, and heightened risks, require that leaders and companies are prepared to drive change smartly, act decisively and remain flexible enough to adjust course as necessary.

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    Operations and Supply Chain services focus on identifying and quantifying supply chain improvements and assisting clients in transforming their operations, from suppliers to the customer, to drive competitive advantage.

    IBM has one of the broadest portfolios of alliances with leading and emerging supply chain vendors, making our practice the single source for leading and comprehensive operations and supply chain management solutions.

    IBM offers distinctive advisory and process design services for critical supply chain operations, including both supply and demand side processes. Our services include:

Organization and Workforce Transformation

Driving innovation and growth in today's business environment requires focus on your organization and workforce capabilities. The ability to manage costs, drive productivity and gain a competitive advantage from the workforce is growing in importance and focus. Today's dynamic workforce is increasingly globally dispersed, multigenerational and multicultural. Effective management requires an integrated and consistent approach to help drive cost savings, efficiency, retention, quality, customer satisfaction and innovation.

Additionally, times of extended economic uncertainty require even more focus on specific areas of your workforce strategy. In order to position your organization for future success, you must differentiate high and low performers, stimulate social networking to create and leverage organizational knowledge of your globally dispersed workforce, promote the development of institutional knowledge, embrace flexible work environments, and enable leadership to guide individuals through the change.

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    IBM's Organization and Workforce Transformation offering assists clients with two transformational imperatives: firstly, it enables them to transform their workforce into the productive, innovative and high-performance force necessary to survive and thrive; secondly it manages the people elements in any transformation being undertaken (process optimization, business model transformation, etc.) Our services include:

Intelligent Cost Reduction for IT

As the economic downturn deepens top performing managers are focused on cutting their costs in the most intelligent way possible, reducing their overall costs whilst protecting the essential elements of their businesses that keep them successful. Most of the "soft targets" have been sacrificed so it is inevitable that the focus will move on to driving down the overall cost of IT.

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    It can seem easy to cut discretionary spending to deliver short term cost savings but this can have devastating impacts on service quality or performance, with corresponding impacts on the performance of the business and the services provided to our customers, leading to reductions in demand and even more challenges as business growth declines. This requires a new focus to help deliver significant and sustainable cost reductions, whilst enhancing the performance of the business.

    Think IBM
    IBM’s “Intelligent Cost Reduction” (ICR) proposition is based on “designing out” non-value added costs rather than “hacking” out costs across your organisation that may negatively impact on your ability to recover when the economic environment eventually improves. Within just a few weeks we can provide valuable insights, with focused business cases and implementation plans to achieve the targeted cost reduction in overall spend, whilst freeing up resources to enhance overall capabilities. We have dedicated professionals with experience in both your industry and across an array of different industries, who will bring their experience, expertise and proprietary tools to deliver a structured Cost Reduction program to meet your needs.

    Our People