Software Platform Management

Reduce costs and risks and increase uptime
with our consistent, worldwide processes for
designing, building, distributing and maintaining
your end user software platform

IBM software platform management services helps you reduce the time, expense and complexity associated with managing end user software platforms, which can help you avoid problems before they occur, or to resolve them more quickly when they do happen. As a result, you can potentially reduce the cost and time involved in maintaining software images and enable reliable access to applications with fewer interruptions.

Worldwide capabilities from an experienced team

IBM is committed to making its expertise and resources available to help you confidently support your employees and end users for enhanced productivity and business growth. We leverage our global factory model to deliver quality and consistency; use proven, predefined solutions that help ensure success; and deliver exceptional, innovative capabilities that provide you with access to an industry-leading intellectual property portfolio.

Client success story

Global travel company - Increased competition, declining revenue and the effects of a merger presented significant challenges for this global travel company. Faced with the need to improve efficiency at all levels, enhance customer service and develop cutting-edge customer solutions, the company sought a solution that would eliminate its hard-to-manage desktop environment and costly, aging legacy systems to make way for new technology.

IBM built and successfully implemented a software platform management services solution to transition the travel company's existing systems to a Web-enabled, self-service environment. IBM rationalized and optimized the company's desktop environment by transitioning one base image with 21 business unit configurations to IBM software platform management services. In addition, IBM implemented an award-winning self-serve kiosk environment for a technologically advanced and highly visible endeavor.

Leveraging IBM software platform management services, the travel company saved upwards of US$200 million in IT costs for software maintenance, application development and integration, new hardware integration, training and support. The company was also able to increase employee productivity and reduce business disruptions with streamlined software platform distribution, installation and maintenance-as well as to improve customer satisfaction and responsiveness with a self-service kiosk implementation.

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