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Leverage the power of cloud to open new opportunities for cost-effectively managing resilience of data and applications:

What we offer

  • IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup (US)

    Helps protect data stored on servers, desktops and laptops with a cost-effective, managed backup solution with both online and off-site options.

  • IBM SmartCloud Archive (US)

    A security-rich, cloud-based content management solution with the ability to effectively index, search and retrieve archived content

  • IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery (US)

    Leverages the cloud to enable you to more quickly and affordably recover your virtualized or non-virtualized infrastructure during times of disruption.

Although you’ve considered implementing cloud solutions, have you thought about the advantages of using cloud computing to address your IT disaster recovery and data backup, recovery and archiving needs? As a leader in the cloud space, IBM can partner with you to help you make the best choices on cloud. IBM is the vendor that can help you survive in a competitive business environment by offering solutions that help enable continuous availability of IT systems and data, even in the event of a disaster.

IBM SmartCloud Resilience Services can help you better plan and manage IT resilience throughout your enterprise. You can choose to manage data only; data and systems; or data, systems and site. We also offer scalable public and private cloud solutions, all provided within a security-rich environment.

Our solutions, which include server recovery and data protection, online data backup services and archiving, can help you efficiently manage risk, reduce costs and meet regulatory compliance mandates. We use time-tested tools and best practice methodologies to help assess, plan, architect and integrate a cloud-based disaster recovery or business data backup solution.

IBM is a recognized leader with deep knowledge and cross-industry experience in the area of virtualization and cloud services technologies. With a comprehensive set of cloud tools, proven methodologies and years of experience in implementing business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, we can provide your end-to-end cloud-based solution that can more cost-effectively support your IT disaster recovery and online business data backup requirements, today and into the future.

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