Platform integration and
deployment services

Enabling business flexibility with faster, more
cost-effective PC platform deployments
and refreshes

Organizations want a standardized approach to help procure, build, and install a comprehensive platform rollout or hardware refresh program. IBM Platform Integration and Deployment Services helps optimize productivity throughout the lifecycle of your end user devices.

Deploying PC platforms and upgrades across your organization

Most organizations try to keep up with the technology that is most likely to boost employee productivity and enhance collaboration. Even the most durable and scalable PC environments eventually reach a point of no return-when their performance actually begins to impede your business goals. And as new operating systems become available, new hardware is also often necessary. However, ensuring consistent, rapid PC rollouts and hardware refreshes across your organization, without exposing your business to undue risk in the process, can be challenging.

For one thing, you may not have the physical space or in-house staff available to assemble, configure and stage your new PCs. In the best of circumstances, ensuring a synchronized, high-quality, coordinated rollout across multiple locations-often encompassing multiple countries and languages-requires a focused effort by a fairly large team. In addition to acquisition and staging, complex shipping logistics have to be considered. How will you get equipment to its new locations on time, and how will you ensure that it clears customs and other obstacles? When the new PCs arrive, how will they be configured and connected to the network, printers and other peripherals with minimal disruption to the business? And perhaps most important, how will you know that your new platform will be easy to maintain going forward?

It’s no wonder that many organizations delay rollouts, often at the expense of employee productivity and business flexibility. That’s why IBM offers services designed to solve many of the problems inherent in PC deployments-and solve them quickly, cost-effectively and with some real gains to your organization. IBM Platform Integration and Deployment Services applies a standardized delivery method and proven, proprietary tools to get your organization working with your new PC technology that meets your business needs.

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