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Capitalize on the newest networking technologies to help save money, improve network performance and reduce security risks

The future? It's here. Those IT trends you saw a year ago are now mainstream. What's your plan to forge ahead? According to IBM, three key strategies can give you an edge today: partnerships; analytics; and integrating big data, cloud, mobile and social technologies 1.

Network infrastructure optimization from IBM helps you plan and design a networking infrastructure that fully supports a responsive, flexible, consolidated and virtualized IT environment. It can also enable cloud, mobile, social and analytics technologies, which will help you blaze your own trails.

1 Raising the game—The IBM Business Tech Trends Study, August 2014

Network infrastructure optimization features
We help you solidify a strategy that can reduce costs, improve network performance, decrease risk, and position your business for flexibility through consolidation and virtualization. Key features include:

Why IBM?

IBM helps you achieve a simplified, agile, cost-effective and security-rich networking infrastructure that can support innovation and deliver business value. Our services professionals can combine an understanding of your business needs with extensive networking and virtualization expertise to provide clear, actionable recommendations. In addition, our skilled specialists can use their vast networking and IT experience, a vendor-independent approach and time-tested methodologies and tools to provide you with an actionable road map for implementing the IPv6 standard.

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Learn what network optimization can do for your users and your business

Learn what network optimization can do for your users and your business. Watch the video (Youtube, 00:03:12).

Redefining networks for cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security

Cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security place new demands on enterprise LAN, WLAN and data center networks. IBM can help address these demands.