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Build a high-performing network infrastructure that can handle demands in the telecommunications industry

With increasing demands for convergence of network and IT, service quality and customer insights, it is imperative to enable an infrastructure that is able to provide agility to move with the needs and growth of the business.

Communications Service Provider Network Infrastructure Services from IBM blend multiple transport, access and network services coupled with dynamic customer information and real-time network events, to deliver new individual-based services and content.


Our solution can help transform your networks by delivering a virtually unmatched portfolio of solutions for the telecommunications industry. We help:

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Communications Service Provider Network Infrastructure Services is a portfolio of services providing solution planning, architecture, detailed design, project planning, deployment and commissioning of end-to-end smarter network infrastructure solutions tailored for a CSP environment.

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IBM Communications Service Provider Network Infrastructure Services.

Leverage IBM services to build next generation IP networks and solutions that can deliver new video, voice and data services

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