Leading Through Connections

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Leading Through Connections

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How are CEOs and senior public sector leaders responding to today's connected era?


Peter J. Korsten, Global Leader for IBM Institute for Business talks about the IBM CEO C –Suite studies


For some time, businesses have been refining and optimizing their networks of suppliers and partners. But something just as meaningful has been happening – the sudden convergence of the digital, social and mobile spheres – connecting customers, employees and partners in new ways to organizations and to each other.

In speaking face-to-face with 1,709 CEOs, general managers and senior public sector leaders around the globe, leaders confirmed that our new connected era is changing how people engage. How are CEOs responding to the complexity of increasingly interconnected organizations, markets, societies and governments? Our key findings center on:

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Empowering employees through values


CEOs see greater organizational openness ahead. But as rules are refined and collaboration explodes, how will they avoid chaos, protect the business and deliver results?

Videos: CEOs discuss their employee priorities  


Creating an environment where innovation is a core value: CEO National Geographic

John Fahey, CEO of National Geographic creates an environment where employee input and shared values drive the organization toward a successful Mission 2015.

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Luiza HelenaTrajano, CEO, Magazine Luiza talks about innovation driven by motivated employees

Luiza Helena Trajano, CEO of Magazine Luiza discusses how employees, when motivated and guided by values, are great sources of innovation.

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    CEOs' new strategy in the unending war for talent

Balance control with openness (1:09)

Top employee success factors (1:22)

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Engaging customers as individuals

CEOs are searching for customer insight. But even if they discover it, are their organizations equipped to respond with relevance and speed?

Videos: CEOs discuss their customer priorities  


Innovative care enhances customer relationships: CEO, Magazine Luiza

Luiza Helena Trajano, CEO of Magazine Luiza discusses the company's evolving customer care model: reaching new markets and setting an industry best practice of how to meet customers on their terms.

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Additional CEO Study videos will be posted on this site in the coming weeks

Watch leading CEOs explain why and how they are seeking a better understanding of individual customer needs and enable improved responsiveness.

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Amplifying innovation with partnerships

With nearly 70 percent of CEOs aiming to partner extensively, what will make this a differentiating strategy?

Videos: CEOs discuss their partnering priorities  


Partnering to drive innovation: Royal Dutch Shell CEO

Peter Voser, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell discusses how the days of isolated innovation are coming to an end, and how strategic partnerships - some not so obvious - are a key to success.

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Additional CEO Study videos will be posted on this site in the coming weeks

Watch leading CEOs discuss how the connected economy is leading them to forge more external partnerships that help address the pressure to innovate.

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