Up Your Game with IBM iX

Introducing our brand new IBM Sports and Entertainment Fan Experience Practice that fuses design, strategy, technology and data to improve fan engagement, team performance and venue optimization.

Fan/Guest Experience Design Strategy will create or crystallize your fan / guest consumer engagement vision across all, or parts, of the ecosystem of your enterprise with the consumer’s expectations at the core. We recognize the venue is one of many touch points and one of many activation opportunities within your ecosystem. We take into account time (game day, non-game day, off-season); proximity (at-venue, out of venue - out of home, out of venue - in-home); and relationship (fan, identified fan, engaged fan, customer, loyal customer, extremely loyal customer).

IBM Sports Enterprise 360/365 can help you create a single view of the sports consumer as they interact with a variety of owned and third party content, and business lines that are part of your enterprise ecosystem giving you a 360 degree view. IBM Sports Enterprise 360/365 can integrate a variety of structured and unstructured data to engage your sports consumers in a personalized way that measures, drives, and rewards loyalty through a single view of the fan. IBM Sports Enterprise 360/365 leverages advanced analytics techniques to gather deeper insight on fan preferences and behaviors through sources such as social media, thus, more effectively targeting customers and increasing ROI on offers and driving fan loyalty.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. London, England. Atlanta, US.

From fan to fanatic

How IBM iX is transforming events around the world

Engagement strategy
business strategy
venue design visioning
infrastructure redesign
and mobile digital commerce
to make your fans' experiences
the best in the business.

We take it from vision to reality without losing the importance of time, proximity and relationship.

That's the focus of IBM's newest practice focusing on fan experience.