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Customized subscriptions
can be made easy

Knowing that its audience wants to receive curated content with ease, how could Politico standardize its sales process across 14 unique offerings?


monthly views


Make customized subscriptions easy

Subscriptions are meant to simplify the buying process — for customers and salespeople. A smooth-running renewals-based business works from the inside out.


A cover-to-cover subscription sales process

Politico’s sales and management teams use Salesforce CPQ with a custom quote object in Salesforce that automates the entire subscription sales process from creating product subscription packages, through pricing and approvals, to renewals. The completed quote then syncs with FinancialForce for billing and accounting.


A subscription that sells itself

Politico’s streamlined subscriptions sales process helps eliminate the bottlenecks that used to delay new subscriptions and makes it easier for readers to renew year after year. The sales and management team have a quote-to-cash solution that provides different product options along with a price catalog and rules for discount thresholds that speeds up the subscription sales process with quality assurance and efficiency.


higher revenue



faster accounting



more subscriptions sold

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