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Tifli: Your partner in parenthood

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) launched the Citizen Mobile App program to deliver smart, world-class healthcare experiences that meet and anticipate the needs of Dubai citizens. As one of the first steps, DHA is improving the health and happiness of parents and their community, from pre-conception to early childhood.


increase in downloads year-to-year


A growing need for information

There’s a baby born in Dubai every 3.5 hours. The city’s population is expected to grow 50% by 2020. The growing numbers of pregnant women don’t always have access to regionally relevant, credible information about what to expect, leading to many unnecessary visits to the doctor.


Healthier pregnancies and happier parents

Using IBM Design Thinking, IBM iX designed the Tifli mobile app to target the parenting community— pregnant women, husbands, mothers, fathers, and family members. The app provides relevant tools and personalized content to help users make more informed choices for themselves and their family for healthier and happier wellbeing.

Health and fitness tools, some powered by wearable and IoT technology, allow users to track their own wellness and that of their newborn, baby, and child. Multi-user engagement provides fathers and loved ones the ability to monitor, support, and participate in the journey.


A step toward DHA’s digital transformation

Tifli and future apps commissioned by DHA represent the first steps towards an integrated healthcare platform for Dubai, supporting DHA’s complex digital transformation journey. DHA is on its way to achieving its ultimate mission - to provide an accessible, effective, and integrated healthcare system that protects public health and improves citizens’ quality of life.


of 2015 Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Smart Government Mobile App


of 2016 .GOV Award for Innovation in Government Services


View the case study


View the case study

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