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Dubai Health

Digital Reinvention for healthy citizens

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) started a highly complex digital transformation in 2014 to provide world-class healthcare experiences for patients and residents that are infused with innovation and powered by smart technologies. DHA now seeks to embrace creative innovations to create more compelling experiences that are delivered through an orchestrated ecosystem.


Digital Reinvention partnership for Healthcare in MEA


A patient experience design for the future

IBM began with an accelerated visioning approach powered by IBM Design Thinking to help DHA design the experiences that they should orchestrate in the future, based on the wants and needs of the patients and residents and where they could deliver the most value.


Client-value led and IBM asset powered

Across multiple connected engagements, IBM and DHA co-created the right solutions to enable their Digital ReinventionTM. At the core of this vision is Salama, an electronic medical record system which brings new clinical processes, capabilities and technologies to DHA’s network of hospitals, primary health centers, and specialty centers.

IBM iX also designed two award-winning healthcare apps for citizens: Hayati targets the needs of diabetics and those who care for them, and Tifli targets the needs of the pregnancy and parenthood universe. A centralized award-winning CRM system for customer information improves customer service capabilities and employee productivity, and the Hasana platform for disease surveillance and management, including a tablet app for mass immunizations, will help DHA maintain the highest levels of public health and safety.


Changing the course of the healthcare sector

With IBM’s help, DHA has been able to more quickly realize their digital transformation vision. Healthcare providers across the network are better equipped to deliver patient care with better clinical outcomes, and DHA’s operational performance is more efficient. Most importantly, Dubai’s society and communities of residents and visitors are safer, healthier, and happier.

“What inspires me about working with IBM is knowing that there are solutions for problems that we are facing currently with respect to providing good quality healthcare, which gives us hope for the future.”

— Dr. Manal Taryam, CEO of Public Health Center

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