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Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited

Growing a cement business by design

Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited

Growing a cement business by design

As competition intensifies among cement companies, there is an increasing need to rethink sources of competitive advantage. Dalmia believed that improving the experience of doing business with them would increase customer loyalty and grow revenue.


ideas generated from regional workshops


Collecting customer insight

To guide their strategy, the team conducted over 75 interviews in the field with vendors, partners and customers in different regions to better understand their goals, motivations, feelings, and pain points.


Envisioning Dalmia’s Digital Reinvention

Dalmia began its Digital Reinvention™ by working with IBM to envision the future of their business in a 12-week session. They used IBM’s Digital Reinvention framework to combine thinking, making, and doing in strategy development. Four IBM Design Thinking workshops brought together crossfunctional stakeholders and customers to generate ideas and prototypes of customer experience improvements.


An ongoing reinvention journey

IBM iX is working with Dalmia to set an overall digital strategy connecting current digital initiatives and generating new disruptive businesses. The team helped Dalmia set up a process to continually pilot new ideas, scale successes, and drive their competitive advantage with better customer experiences.


hours of interviews

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