Today's HR organizations are putting the employee experience at the center of their transformation plans to help energize the workforce, enhance their customer experiences and also improve bottom line organizational performance.

Our HR Reinvention services help you develop and sustain a high-performing human resources function to deliver your business and human capital strategy. We collaborate with you to focus on your desired employee and manager experience and the HR services that underpin it, applying contemporary research and cognitive solutions to optimize the performance and value HR delivers to your business.

How it works

HR Strategy Review: employs thought leadership, research and cognitive capabilities to identify the best options for refreshing your HR strategy and enhancing employee engagement.

HR Operating Model Design: focuses on driving efficient and effective HR to reduce costs, streamline HR operations to better serve your employees, and enable employees to access HR services in a digital environment.

IBM Design Thinking, Employee Voice, and Agile Change Management: we bring Design Thinking and Employee Voice tools to assist in developing creative solutions while focusing on your employee experience. Agile Change Management includes agile methodologies and collaboration tools to help drive adoption of your critical initiatives.

HR Cloud Business Case, Vendor Selection: an objective framework for building the case for change along with a rapid selection approach focused on identifying the best strategic fit for your organization.

HR Operations: tailored, outsourced business process services that help you reduce HR and payroll operating costs while achieving improved compliance and oversight. Our services include Cloud HCM solutions for Oracle Fusion, Oracle Taleo, SAP SuccessFactors and Workday and can integrate automation, cognitive and advanced analytic capabilities.

Our tools and capabilities

IBM's technology investments deliver a transformed HR solution by taking advantage of the latest Cognitive, Automation and Digital enablement solutions to drive Employee Engagement, efficiency and compliance.

Embedded analytics, available for each HR offering, give you a detailed view of your HR operations, with real-time data on volumes, trends, and HR key performance indicators. For example, our Voice of the Customer Analytics understands the unstructured data in your employees' interactions with HR services to deliver insights into the volume drivers for the service along with satisfaction levels, providing specific insight into how to continuously improve service. Furthermore, IBM Watson cognitive analytics augment these capabilities to deliver automated data analysis, data discovery and visualization and predictive analytics.

Cognitive computing, process automation and digital enablement enable you to rapidly accelerate HR transformation and offer powerful employee experiences that drive enhanced business results throughout the enterprise. Take advantage of IBM's significant investment in these areas to enhance employee engagement, efficiency and compliance:

AdviseHR Cloud: our core HR service delivery offering employs Cloud capabilities to provide HR contact center services to your employees and managers. AdviseHR Cloud gives your workforce more convenient access to HR services via their choice of mobile self-service, real-time chat, SMS and Twitter direct messaging in addition to traditional voice and email channels. All contact center interactions are aggregated to yield a personalized view of each employee's HR journey.

Our cognitive IBM Cognitive Agent Assist for HR offering scales call center agents' expertise through employee context, analytics, and access to related information. Agent Assist helps add value to each encounter by drawing on multiple information sources, enhancing the integrity of answers provided and helping anticipate and address employees' future HR support needs. The result is measurable improvements in contact center accuracy, speed and employee satisfaction.

IBM's Payroll Compliance solution: helps lower risk in your most critical compliance areas. Cognitive and predictive insights augment our payroll compliance services to help ensure that your organization is up to date on tax and social security regulations and can monitor compliance and amend policies faster and more effectively.

Automation / Robotics Strategy and Roadmap: Helps address HR technological and resource gaps using flexible applications that enhance the efficiency and accuracy of resource-intensive, error-prone, repetitive HR processes.

The benefits

Our HR and finance domain experts are experienced in process optimization for cloud-based platforms and can help your organization maximize the benefits of process automation and transformation.

As a leading implementation partner for Workday, SAP SuccessFactors and Oracle Fusion and Oracle Taleo, we maintain a broad range of expertise to assist with all phases of your journey from a legacy HR platform to the cloud. Our continuum of offerings spans consulting, vendor selection, implementation, change management and ongoing support services to help ensure a smooth cultural and organizational transition with faster return on your cloud investments.

IBM's significant research and development in cognitive and analytics technologies helps you enhance employee engagement, improve overall business performance and realize higher returns from your HR investments.

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