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Taking on the data center crisis

Increasingly efficient, high-density computers provide an opportunity to get more value from every square foot of space in your data center. But powerful blade and "pizza box" servers consume a lot of energy, which grows more expensive every year. And they generate heat, which can cause servers to shut down and limit your ability to add much-needed equipment.

The demand for more computing power and electricity, better cooling solutions, and facilities that can grow with an organization is creating a crisis in data centers around the world. Simply adding more servers and turning up the air conditioning is not feasible. Instead, numerous organizations are planning to cope with this crisis by building new facilities or making significant changes to their existing sites. They are aiming to optimize their data centers - not only to accommodate more hardware, but also to meet business objectives that include:

Site and facilities services - responding to the demand for flexible, scalable technologies and reducing costs

IBM's site and facilities services are ready to help you take on the data center crisis.

Our portfolio of services provides expertise to assist you with evaluating, designing, implementing and managing your IT infrastructure and physical environment.

To help you address power and cooling issues, IBM determines how your current facilities can support the deployment of next-generation IT infrastructure components and identifies thermal solutions to address heat-related issues in your computing environment. We work with you to plan, design and implement scalable and flexible racking systems designed for optimum manageability and minimum maintenance costs.

Our extensive - and expanding - selection of services can help you make the transition to a reliable, security-rich, customized IT infrastructure. Addressing areas ranging from the layout of physical facilities to the equipment, utility services and environmental systems, IBM can enable even small organizations to create or modify a data center in an accelerated timeframe.

The anticipated benefits

IBM's site and facilities services can help your organization to:

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Data Center Design - IT facilities assessment, design, and construction services

Design your data center for the future - whether upgrading or building an IT facility, sound planning and execution are key to minimizing risks and costs

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