Integrated Communications

Design, implement and manage integrated
communications and networking environments to drive collaboration, business flexibility and growth

Advances in communications and networking capabilities today offer organizations almost unlimited opportunities to create business advantage by conducting business anywhere, anytime, using multiple types of devices and communications.

Organizations have the potential to create and support innovative new business models-from advanced collaboration environments to customer self-service to mobile workforce support. Yet knowing how and where to start can be challenging. Chances are your company is asking lots of questions, such as:

Integrated communications services focus on designing, implementing and managing your communications and networking environments to optimize them for anytime, anywhere integrated business communications. These services are designed to enable you to support key networking environments and build differentiating advantage through business innovation.

Integrated communications services can help you:

Integrated communications services combine IBM's IT and business solutions expertise, proven methodologies, highly skilled global resources, industry-leading management platforms and processes, and strategic partnerships with other industry leaders to help you create an integrated communications environment that drives business flexibility and growth.

What we offer

Communications service provider network infrastructure services

Communications service provider network infrastructure services (US)

Unlock new revenue potential and cost efficiency with smarter networks

Converged communications services

Converged communications services

Build business advantage with unified communications: integrated voice, data and video environments designed for collaboration and productivity

Mobility and wireless services

Mobility and wireless services (US)

Meet the growing deman for mobile connectivity with secure and resilient wireless network solutions that deliver virtually anytime, anywhere communications


Networking strategy and optimization services (US)

Ensure your networks are aligned with business strategy and optimized to support operational excellence

Network integration services

Network integration services (US)

Make networks work for your business

RFID services

RFID services

Integrate real time data capture with key business processes using RFID

Telecom expense management services

Telecom expense management services (US)

Ensure telecom expense management delivers the control you need with expert, proactive management of your voice, data and mobile spending

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