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  • Turning customer insights into action, enabling new business processes that help companies buy, market, sell and service their products and services

  • Social Business is the new paradigm to create an efficient work environment and effective workforce

  • Smarter analytics extracts insights and provides intelligence to help you make faster and better decision

  • Achieve tangible results from your cloud adoption project with clear and well-defined adoption approaches

  • Reap the rewards of next generation BPO

  • Combining advanced hardware and software with patterns of expertise for a simplified experience from system setup, deployment, management to upgrades

Storage is traditionally seen as a “bottomline” product and companies approach their storage investment without a long term strategy or a framework. At the Storage Summit, IBM experts and industry leaders argued the traditional approach was inefficient and a new perspective was needed. Storage shouldn’t be another standalone item in a company’s IT budget, it should be an integral of a company’s business plan.

One of the highlights of the event was The Forward Thinker Dialogue in which guest speakers Thomas Dillon, Senior Vice President of IT Asia, Venetian Macau Limited and Iman Mak, Senior Vice President of Information Technology Services, Li & Fung Limited shared their experience of adopting a new perspective to move Storage forward.

The world is getting more social. Internet users now spend 22% of their monthly time on social networks and blog sites. What does this mean for your organization and your businesses?

At Business Gets Social 2012, experts, analyst, industry leaders gathered to discuss:

• What is Social Business

• Why and how to transform to a Social Business

• What are the benefits and competitive advantage

The event provided a snapshot of Social Business transformation that is occurring everywhere, and real-world results and insights from companies that are taking the journey to become a Social Business.

Brand loyalty and differentiation are critical for high-end retailers in the digital era. Social media not only have empowered your customers with easily accessible information, it’s also made them powerful influencers of your brands. How do you increase customer loyalty and create uniqueness for your brands when every company can open a twitter account and create a brand page on Facebook?

At the event, social media specialists and IBM experts on Smarter Commerce examined the challenges facing retailers and shared insights, illustrated with case studies:

• Designing effective strategies to apply social media to engage increasingly discerning customers

• Deepening relationship with customers through customer-centric mentality and business processes

• Leveraging customer insights to create more value for your customers and increase loyalty

Breaking the Old Rules of Employee Engagement

Innovative Approaches to Increasing Talent Performance & Collaboration

Variations in regional economic growth are creating a wave of challenges to the business world. As the HR function is often at the forefront of implementing changes and development in the organization, it is crucial that HR managers are rethinking HR processes and looking at ways to enhance HR efficiency.

The seminar, organized by A-Performers, focused on discussion surrounding talent management and collaboration; how HR management can rethink and reinvent their approach to enhance productivity and workforce performance. Besides sharing of best practices and insights by subject matter experts, the seminar also provided a great networking opportunity for HR professionals.

Reinvent Business with Cloud Computing

Creating new business value in volatile times

In the “Breakfast Briefing: Reinvent Business with Cloud Computing” on June 13, we had leading CFOs and CIOs in Hong Kong to share about how they can partner together to harness innovative technologies and business solutions like cloud computing to create new markets, explore profitable new revenue streams and outperform their competition.

During the event, the CFO of IBM’s Greater China Group, Brien Wierzchowski, Director of Finance and Controller, shared IBM’s own successful use of the cloud by showing some great examples of internal cloud deployment that achieved striking results and improved enterprise productivity.

Cesar Bacani, Editor-in-Chief of CFO Innovation Asia, also shared the key findings and takeways of the CFO Innovation Insight Survey in which leading CFOs in Hong Kong were surveyed to help us understand how they are thinking about cloud computing, the business benefits and concerns on the cloud.

To understand more about how your company can fully unleash the business potential of cloud computing, download the IBM Cloud User Guide 2012 by clicking the button below.

IBM Finance Forum 2012

Increasingly, CFOs are taking more prominent roles in decision making. But their views may often fall short on granular detail and timeliness, hampered by static and very often rigid processes. The answer lies in automation and transformation of key financial processes.

Featuring guest speakers from a leading international luxury brand and one of the world's largest banking organizations. IBM Finance Forum 2012 discussed the evolving position of the office of finance and increasing role of analytics.

Key highlights:

•Gain greater visibility, insight and control over financial governance and compliance processes with proven tactics and strategies

•Adopt to the “new normal”: budgeting beyond spreadsheet and forecasting not against the wall

•Align your organization to shape business outcomes while increasing transparency by bridging the operational and financial forecasting

•Examine new best practices on financial and performance management

•Understand financial disclosure management in depth

IBM CEO Exchange Event

Esteemed C-level business leaders joined the IBM CEO Dinner where IBM presented the key insights of the 2012 IBM Global CEO Study and the strategies that outperforming CEOs are using to drive growth in the new connected economy.

Titled “Leading Through Connections”, this is the fifth biennial edition of IBM’s Global CEO Study series, based on interviews with more than 1,700 CEOs from 64 countries and 18 industries worldwide. The study reveals that facing a new business environment where the digital, social media and mobile spheres are converged, forward looking CEOs are creating more open and collaborative culture — encouraging employees to connect, learn from each other and thrive in a world of rapid change — and engaging customers as individuals.

For more details of the IBM CEO Study, please visit www.ibm.com/ceostudy where you can find other assets of the Study, including the CEO study highlights, the full Study report, the CEO Study implications in different industry and market segment perspectives, and short videos featuring global CEOs discussing their priorities.