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With virtually every aspect of your business vulnerable to disruption, you can trust IBM resiliency professionals, time-tested methodologies and industry-leading cloud capabilities to help you maintain continuous business operations and improve overall resiliency.


Success in meeting commitments to clients who have declared a disaster

Over 50

Years of business continuity and disaster recovery experience

More than 4,000

Resiliency professionals, backed by over 400,000 IBM employees and Business Partners


Resiliency centers in 68 countries

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Evaluate strengths and weaknesses and identify areas of potential risk

Business continuity management

Reduce risks and improve availability while controlling operational expenses

Cloud disaster recovery

Unleash the power of IBM’s cloud disaster recovery services to manage resiliency across your enterprise - now with options running on SoftLayer


Design and implement a more effective resiliency strategy with IBM experts

Disaster recovery

Safeguard your key business data, maintain productivity, and limit financial losses during an outage

Implementation and testing

Execute, test, and validate disaster recovery and continuity plans on an ongoing basis

Planning and design

Improve your resilience capabilities with cost-optimized business and IT strategic planning and design

High Availability

An end to end approach to high availability based on technology, processes and organization

Site and facilities

Plan, design, build and manage flexible, cost-effective, resilient data centers and facilities

Forbes Insights: The Big Bang

Forbes Insights: The Big Bang

Is cloud the silver lining for resilience?

More interconnected . . . More at risk

An outage of less than 20 minutes can cost $1M. Are you ready for an always-on world?

Understand the issues

Forbes Insights: The Big Bang

Is cloud the silver lining for resilience?

2014 Cost of Data Breach Study: Impact of Business Continuity Management

Fallout: The Reputational Impact of IT Risk with Forbes Insight

Understand the options

IBM Resiliency Centers

IBM resiliency sites provide you with the systems, equipment, and personnel needed to help your business recover quickly and efficiently.

IBM Resiliency Center open for business at Research Triangle Park

IBM Opens Cloud Resiliency Center

Mobile Banking Company Monitise Taps IBM to Ensure Always on Business Operations

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