Case study: Workday

IBM uses new Digital Change approach for 150,000-user Workday deployment

IBM's change approach was used to deploy one of the largest Workday implementations globally for its internal HR cloud solution to over 150,000 employees worldwide. IBM used its change methods and tools in conjunction with new Workday technology. Some of the benefits achieved are simplification and standardization in its processes resulting in improvement in staffing, reduction in costs, and process alignment.

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As the ability to anticipate, manage and capitalize on pervasive change is often the difference between market leadership and extinction, mastering the art of change in a digital world is now a critical competitive advantage.

Research suggests that employees want digital experiences in the work environment similar to those they enjoy in their daily lives. Helping them embrace change in your organization should incorporate social and collaborative elements while being engaging, exciting and positive. Our new, consumer-style Digital Change platform includes user apps, analytics, dashboards and creative studios to help you drive employee adoption, buy-in and enthusiasm for your vision.

How it works

The traditional change curve no longer applies to most of our client’s transformational journeys — employees expect to experience innovative, creative change in a personal, anywhere, anytime fashion. Our change management approach is a science, led by data, behavioral research, and software to help our clients make real-time strategic change decisions based on behavioral science and cognitive insights.

  • Create and iterate: immersive and differentiating studio experiences to accelerate change initiatives
  • Anywhere, anytime: assess the status of your change program on the go with our metrics-driven Change Insight Dashboard and App
  • Predictive change analytics: make organizational decisions based on science and data, by industry, geography, transformational complexity, and organizational size
  • Employee-centric: highly personalized experiences exploiting the power of social & mobile
  • Continuous listening: understand how your employees are experiencing the transformation journey

The benefits

We will revolutionize the way you experience change. Our change management services are delivered in ways that encourage the customer and employee experiences you aspire to create. We unleash the power of social and mobile to personalize your experience of change. We use creative, studio-based consultancy to sense, predict and respond to engagement, performance, learning and behavioural analytics. IBM helps you embed change.

  • Envision the future: Focused studio sessions to align the portfolio of initiatives on your digital transformation agenda
  • Design with us: Rapidly define the new structure, roles and skills required to operate your organization, within the context of the emerging ecosystem
  • Create with us: Launch an immersive, personalized transformation experience for employees that provides a seamless experience across all organizational "touch points"
  • Inspire productive change: Identify, retain and build a talent pool that is empowered to challenge, reinvent, ideate and innovate at all levels
  • Encourage new ways of working: Instigate viral change initiatives to guide and reinforce desired behavioral changes

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