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This global fire and security company with over three million customers was searching for productivity and efficiency improvements in their bank reconciliation processes. Bank reconciliation is a time-consuming manual, repetitive process, and error rates were at a troubling ten percent. However, with multiple decision points in this process, robotic process automation (RPA) alone could not meet this client’s needs.


Step One
IBM engaged the client in an automation workshop to identify challenges and brainstorm solutions. The proposed solution included RPA capabilities through Blue Prism. The addition of Watson Policy Manager Library (WPML) provided intelligent automation to address the complexity of the tasks.

Step Two
The Blue Prism robot was built to handle the structured rules-based tasks:

  • Download bank statement and General Ledger from ERP.
  • Format and consolidate bank statement and General Ledger.
  • Populate reconciliations in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Interact with WPML to look up and apply rules related to the automated process.

Step Three
IBM applied intelligent automation, using WPML to work coherently with RPA. WPML managed exception handling that had been manually managed, and the combination accommodated changing rules or business logic with ease — allowing business process owners to draft, create and amend rules and policy changes outside of the RPA product using normal conversational text.

End-to-end automated solution by combining RPA capabilities and intelligent automation with Watson Policy Manager Library



The intelligent automation solution created by IBM combined RPA through Blue Prism and cognitive automation through WPML to automate the bank reconciliation process. The automation solution can handle large volumes of unstructured and non-standard data, manage complex transactions, execute declarative rules and make intelligent decisions at an user-interface level. This solution improved accuracy and productivity and led to the standardization of the process for all bank accounts and General Ledgers in different ERPs.

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