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Consolidating to deliver more value to Canadians

Taking a page from IBM’s book

IBM’s own efforts provide a great case for the kind of value that large-scale consolidation can deliver. In fact, no other company better understands what’s needed to help Canadian government organizations to achieve their data centre optimization and consolidation goals. Over ten years, IBM’s own global consolidation of its data centre operations yielded impressive results:

Key findings from a global IBM data centre study

A 2012 IBM Data Centre Study found that highly efficient data centres spend almost 8 percent less of their IT resources to maintain their existing infrastructure. These organizations also allocate 50 percent more of their IT budget to new projects. In short, improved efficiencies can lead to real savings, which can compound over time to help fund new IT projects, supporting innovation and future growth. These savings are achieved by boosting efficiencies in key ways:

Bringing the learnings to the public sector

Public sector data centres are evolving rapidly as they face relentless pressure from the changing needs of government and reduced public sector funding. Policy-based innovation in data centre design, operations and consolidation can help meet these formidable challenges.

IBM Smarter Data Centre services and solutions can help public sector data centres innovate based on these proven best practices.


IBM Global Data Centre Study

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