We’re supporting the shift from intuitive decision-making to fact-based management using analytics.

Pedro Praxedes | CIO Farmacias Pague Menos, Brazil

In the midst of mayhem

CIOs know these are hectic times. Traditional industry classifications are being erased by hybrid businesses that thrive on disruptive innovation. But where others see challenges, Torchbearer CIOs see opportunities. Learn how the leading CIOs are finding new connections and producing actionable insights by embracing disruption.

Improving insight and intelligence capabilities are top priorities for CIOs.


Insight and intelligence


Front office digitization


Skills development


Internal collaboration


Redefine and restructure IT


Risk management

Key Imperatives

What to do: Forge an intelligent, agile enterprise to deliver at scale. No business can stay relevant by making “tweaks.” The leading CIOs embrace disruptive innovation by developing agile company cultures where rapid experimentation, informed by reliable intelligence, is the norm.

How to do it: Wise up to what customers want. Instead of making assumptions, Torchbearer CIOs use external feedback to discover what truly matters to customers. This information also helps CIOs clarify what differentiates their business from the competition.

What you need to do it: Rewire your tools and talent. The leading CIOs “get” how business is evolving. They’re investing in technologies that will ramp up their analytical power and nurturing people with the necessary skills to effectively implement those technologies.

Torchbearer CIOs see analytics – and analytic skills – as a key investment in the future.


Providing business insights


Focus on transforming peolple skills

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