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Financial Business Transformation & Solutions

New analytics solutions make it easier to eliminate blind spots and get a complete view of the entire organization's performance. See how you can close gaps, create new business advantage and outperform your peers.

Business Transformation: Tech and Marketing, business challenges

Ever thought of social media as a listening tool to reach customers? And how does forging a strong partnership between IT and Marketing help to better serve your customers? Look up our whitepapers, videos and solutions.


Cyrus Daruwla Managing Director of IDC Financial Insights, Asia Pacific

Cyrus Daruwala, Managing Director of IDC Financial Insights, Asia/Pacific. Hear insights from his 16 years of financial services experience working with CFOs of the region’s leading companies.

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Vincent Leat    Business Unit Executive of Enterprise Marketing Solutions, IBM ASEAN

Meet Vincent Leat, Business Unit Executive of Enterprise Marketing Solutions, IBM ASEAN. Listen to his insights on the changing face of Marketing in Asia and the huge potential of Big Data.

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Harsh Chugh VP of Finance and CFO of IBM ASEAN  Visit blog now

Harsh Chugh explains why innovation matters and how he stayed ahead of the competition in a challenging environment.

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Jojo Cheung Director, ASEAN Marketing & Communications Visit blog now

Smarter Marketing Today

IBM's CMO on what’s smart and trending in the world of marketing.

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