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Discover how the right cloud infrastructure as a service can make the difference in beating your competition to market with new innovations

The IBM Cloud portfolio has been expanded with the acquisition of SoftLayer, a leading global provider more of cloud computing infrastructure. The combination of existing IBM Cloud offerings and SoftLayer provides customers of all sizes a robust and comprehensive array of cloud infrastructure-as-a-service solutions with the performance, flexibility, control and expertise you need. less

Finding success In the cloud Finding success In the cloud (1.0MB, 12 pages)

The cloud transformation within IBM is enabling dramatic reductions in IT support costs and major more improvements in workplace efficiency and resource use. less

Deploying analytics to build the smarter data center Deploying analytics to build the smarter data center

Smarter data centers are responding faster to change and transforming operational costs, morethanks to new analytics-based services that provide insights into data center operations and actively monitor and manage resources for continual improvement. less

Research and Insights

Do you have the right cloud strategy? Do you have the right cloud strategy?

A new global study from the IBM Center for Applied Insights reveals that the right cloud strategy and execution are key to competitive differentiation and business growth. more The study finds that cloud Pacesetters -- companies that are using cloud to drive differentiation through strategic reinvention, better decisions and deeper collaboration -- are seeing dramatic improvements in market responsiveness and business performance. less

The right partnering strategy can have a significant financial effect A new study from IBM's Center for Applied Insights explores the potential when outsourcing is embraced to help drive innovation

In the world of business and IT services sourcing, there’s a Maslow-like hierarchy of needs emerging. Sourcing more motivations are moving up the pyramid beyond basic needs, like cost-cutting, to higher-order business outcomes, such as growth, competitive advantage and innovation. Eager to capitalize on opportunities presented by disruptive technologies, organizations often need to partner to gain necessary capabilities and expertise in mobile, social, cloud and analytics. This study from IBM's Center for Applied Insights explores the potential for improved financial results with the right partnering strategy. less

Getting cloud computing right When moving to cloud computing, a robust, proven architecture is key to success (622KB, 20 pages)

When moving to cloud computing, a robust, and proven architecture is key to success. This report more describes the cloud computing reference architecture that IBM employs in building private clouds for clients, private clouds that house IBM internal applications, and the IBM Cloud that supports public cloud service offerings. less


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Greater performance, resiliency and efficiency down under Discover how IBM analytics and cloud solutions are helping at the Australian Open 2012

Discover how IBM analytics and cloud solutions helped the Australian Open deliver greater information to fans.

The NFL works with IBM to reshape its infrastructure transformation playbook Watch the video to learn how IT is helping to deliver greater business value to the National Football League(3:56)

Watch the video featuring the NFL Vice President of Information Technology as she outlines five more key infrastructure transformation projects. less

Consolidating data centers and streamlining IT infrastructure improve efficiency and flexibility at IBM Consolidating data centers and streamling IT infrastructure improve efficiency and flexibilty at IBM (690KB, 6 pages)

Learn the steps IBM took to simplify IT operations, cut costs and improve service delivery.


IT Outsourcing Learn more

Realize greater business value from your IT infrastructure. IBM offers an industrialized approach—grounded more in standardization, automation and analytics—to provide a flexible, scalable IT environment optimized to evolve based on changing needs and opportunities. less

IBM Cloud See how we are changing the world of IT

Reduce costs. Improve service delivery. Enable business innovation.

IBM PureApplication System IBM PureApplication System

The IBM PureApplication™ System is designed and tuned specifically for transactional web and more database applications. This flexible platform is designed to be easy to deploy, customize, safeguard and manage. less

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