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Singapore, September 1-3

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Las Vegas, September 28-October 1

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Munich, October 1

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Evanta HR Summit

New York, November 2015


Can an Algorithm Hire Better Than a Human?

Automation can make your business smarter more efficient, but can it help you choose your workforce?

The Disrupted Leader: A Three-Dimensional Shift In Talent Management

Big data and new technologies are already changing how we work. Now they’re changing how we lead.

Human Resource Chief Links Employee Satisfaction, Customer Service

Organizations that aim for satisfying their employees are often better equipped to also satisfy their customers.

HBR: It’s Time To “Blow Up” HR

Harvard Business Review explores the future of human resources and how it’s up to HR leaders to take the long view for their organizations.

Summary: State of the CHRO India 2015

Are your business strategy and HR strategy in sync? A new study explores the “widening gap” between the role of the CHRO and CEO demands.

Four Top Reasons CHROs Are Contenders In The C-Suite

Recruiting, workplace culture, and customer experience are all reasons why the CHRO is a powerhouse in the C-Suite.



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